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Jan 2011, Sandrine received an email from a film scout requesting an appointment. She met with the gentleman and showed him her laces, unknowing of which film they may be for. Several weeks later, she received the exciting news that costume designer Catherine Martin and team would like to collaborate in selecting laces for the upcoming Great Gatsby Film.

It’s no surprise that Solstiss was chosen for the film. They supply all of my favorite designers with the best laces for the runway shows. You may remember the Stella look I featured here which is made with Solstiss lace. Shortly after the collaboration began, Sandrine received a brief from the Catherine Martin team to inspire her in the creative process. Images gathered from beauty, fashion and accessories from the 20’s.

She began her quest to find the perfect laces by traveling to France to scour the Solstiss archives. Produced in the traditional ways of ancient machine lace with the most exceptional quality, the archive is filled with thousands of original designs to chose from. The crew had already started shooting the film for test shots in NYC while Sandrine was in France. She had received a message asking if she wanted to see the early shots. Based on the confidential nature, an associate with a laptop would fly to France to share with Sandrine which would be safer than email sharing. Sandrine elected to wait until back in NYC. Once she returned, Catherine Martin and team began working on the lace selections with Sandrine. Catherine chose 210 designs to develop for her costume designs, of which all were used for the film.

Sandrine had received one year in advance in confidence first images of the direction the film was taking and images prior to the premiere to get an idea of the final results. When asked what she thought of the film for the premiere in NYC, Sandrine noted “It exceeded my expectations. Such great colors and beautiful styles with so many dresses in our creations in the 2 hour and 4 mins of the film”.

There was an event at the NYC Great Gatsby premiere where part of the movie cast recreated a party scene, bringing the designs to life with celebration in person. I can only imagine what it must have been like to work with Catherine Martin. As the Great Gatsby has been a long time favorite book of mine, I have to admit, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the movie was interpreted and brought to life. The influence of the Great Gatsby will certainly be seen in the upcoming seasons from runway to sport.

I can’t wait to see the individual interpretations of one of the most elegant decades for fashion influence. Have you seen the movie yet? What was your favorite dress?

Merci Sandrine for sharing your experience.

Special thanks to Andre Avanessian lighting.



Image courtesy of Solstiss

Image courtesy of Solstiss


Image courtesy of Solstiss



Image courtesy of Warner Brothers



Image courtesy of Catherine Martin/Bazmark


Image courtesy of warner brothers

Image courtesy of warner brothers

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    Wonderful collection of images and fabrics! Awesome to see them put together like this!

  4. These dresses are so adorable … the whole trend is. love the tulle insertions.
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