Sunday, November 17, 2013

After the Valentino show during Paris fashion week, I stopped to grab a coffee with my friends. There’s virtually no time to sit down during fashion week, so it was a welcome treat. They were all admiring my cameo jewelry, so I took the earrings off and put them on the table to take a closer look. They were pretty in the Parisian sunlight.

I’ve always loved cameos, something about them is so vintage and romantic. Don’t you think?

Look at all that detail in such a tiny space, and all made by hand! How does the artist get such precision? It’s really an art. Each little cameo takes hours to hand carve.

Something about wearing an item like that just makes me smile. Knowing that it was hand designed and crafted with such care, wearing them feels like an occasion.

People have been using cameo jewelry as sentimental gifts of endearment since practically the dawn of the ages. In the ancient days, it was thought that cameos would bring you health and great fortune.

While in high school, I had a thing for the cameo and at every vintage or antique shop I found I would look for them. I remember seeing the detailed little carvings of women from the victorian times on pink shell with the ivory raised relief in the likeness of what they must have looked like. During Victorian times, if a woman received a cameo carved as a portrait of her, it was considered her most prized possession.

I learned when talking to Ariela, the designer of these cameo earrings, that Italy is now the main area for hand carved cameos. That’s where these were made, in Tuscany.

I was reading here today while writing this post that that the oldest known cameo jewelry dates back to Egypt, to the 3rd century BC! Can you imagine? What I like about Arieala’s work is the modern day spin on a classic idea.

That’s all for my coffee break, back to work ~


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