Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey guys… some of you were interested to hear more about the bag I wore here:

A little while back, I went to India to develop a handbag collection. Have you guys had a chance to go there? Wow, India is just amazing. The colors, the people, the food, I could go on for days~~

I made the sketches, chose the materials and then travelled there to work on the samples with the factories. I developed about 25 handbags in the week I spent there.

I was initially planning to market & sell the collection as I had some contacts interested, but  sometimes when you have two objectives at the same time you have to focus on one of them. My job had really picked up with responsibility and travel so I put this on hold.

This particular clutch feels so of the moment that I wanted to wear it at Cannes.

Why did I chose India of all the countries in the world?

To me it was the perfect blend of what I want the result to be. Creative, fun, all while supporting the factories I chose and working together to make a product we could all be proud of.

What would be YOUR dream handbag if you could make one?



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4 Responses to The story behind the bag

  1. Claire

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Great bag to wear with jeans or a beautiful dress!

  2. Great purse and this is coming from a person that is very picky when it come to bags. You should find the time to sell this. I think it will be a success.
    Good luck !


  3. Love the colors!! I need this one! I still love the Linen clutch you made for me. In fact, I’m bringing it to the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner tonight!

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