Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There has been a long standing debate on NYC vs LA between my east coast, west coast friends. I say why not both????

I’ve been to Los Angeles on various occasions for work, looking for inspiration, making denim designs and various other projects. This is the first time I had some time to actually enjoy the area, and I can tell you I’ve got the LA bug.

Why wouldn’t you want to wake up to the sunshine 300 days a year? A short drive to the seaside, um yes please. Within one hour or so to the mountains, ok, probably longer especially given that it takes over an hour just to drive from east hollywood to west hollywood…

A few things for New Yorkers who are considering coming to Los Angeles to keep in mind:

They drive faster than the Le Mans race on the 405, or at least it feels like it to this New Yorker who doesn’t drive much. If you can’t keep up on the roads get out of the way!

There are an abundance of health food and healthy lifestyle everything everywhere. So if you like to drink juice drinks like me, or love a healthy lifestyle this is so easy to find.

There’s a relaxed street style that’s very different from the NYC style, going along with the beachy vibe.

I will always love all the things I love about NYC, so I’ll take both!


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