Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The other day I got a note from a good friend who is searching for Chanel.

He is on a quest for the perfect Christmas present for his wife, a classic Chanel vintage 2.55 flap bag quilted in medium size.

If he can’t find just the right vintage bag in time, he’s even considering taking her to Paris to find a new one combining a few occasions into one romantic trip. Who says Prince Charming doesn’t exist? Right?!!

So, he sent me a note the other day asking for some suggestions and unveiling his plan. Of course, I couldn’t wait to try and help. You see, buying a Chanel vintage 2.55 flap bag isn’t as easy as it would seem, it’s sort of like buying art. It’s a collectors piece and you want to find just the right one.

I could see that he was putting a lot of thought into this covert mission. It’s not about the gift, but the musing and consideration that he’s putting into it that has me giddy to see how his wife reacts when she finds out about his thoughtfulness.

I’ve given him my list of places to try from NYC  and even my SECRET spot in PARIS, but now I’d love to know. Do you have a favorite source for the illustrious quilted Chanel vintage 2.55 flap bag???? I think every girl in fashion has at one point or another looked for this bag.

Why vintage, it’s just as highly sought after as the new ones. These bags wear and wear without really showing imperfections. They are built to last, and even if you get unfortunate scuffs or scratches, Chanel will totally restore the bag to it’s original condition. So the bags effectively hold their value really well. I can’t say the same for my favorite heels that couldn’t quite recover after a little mishap in LA.

This photo was shot at the Chanel store on Avenue Montaigne in Paris the last time I was there, so I thought it fit perfectly with today’s discussion.

Do you dream of vintage Chanel? Where are you looking to find one?

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3 Responses to Searching for Chanel, part 1

  1. Jenny H

    Good luck to your friend, the prince charming. It would be fun to see what he finds. I have a friend looking for the luck yet.

    • Carly Tati

      interesting Jenny! Thanks for the feedback~~ I think prince charming will figure out something sweet and lovely with or without the bag~

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