Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good morning everyone!

Are you guys coffee or tea drinkers?

I used to be an obsessive coffee drinker. In college, I drank so many cups a day, countless. Then I moved to New York City, and in the summer with the hot temperatures, Iced Coffee was the thing.

It’s not that I didn’t like tea. We drank tea in our home growing up, English Breakfast, Earl Gray, and Green Tea were favorites. I just liked coffee better. Probably all those late nights sewing, draping, fashion illustrating and making so many different kinds of boards to finish school projects required something stronger to keep my eyes open, hence the coffee.

Just after school, I started traveling to Asia for work. I noticed that coffee is so much less common.  Tea is the norm, drank all throughout the day. On a 10 day trip to Hong Kong, I drank green tea everyday, rather than my usual coffee.

You know what I noticed towards the end of the trip? I felt much more energetic. I also actually felt a bit slimmer too.

Then, I had a chance to travel to India. What an amazing journey that was. I dream of going back one day. One of my friends was having her wedding there and she showed me how to make the real Chai tea. Brewing all the spices together and mixing with milk and sugar. It’s so good for you, and tastes amazing.

So, after that, I switched permanently to tea. I usually have English Breakfast in the mornings with breakfast or brunch. Then, later in the day I will have a green tea.

That is of course unless I’m traveling. You can pretty much count on finding me sipping an espresso first thing in the morning, with something from the bakery.

What’s your favorite morning routine?
Well, I’m off to have an espresso!



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