Monday, November 4, 2013

Check out this dress from the Collette Dinnigan Spring 2014 collection! I just love the back of it and thought you might too.

After 24 years in the industry, Dinnigan has opted to close her boutiques and will no longer show in Paris!!! What??? Read on…

Her last show was in September, during Paris fashion week, and I’m glad I was there to see it. I think any designer that can run a profitable business, work with her team to produce fashion shows and make a successful name for herself deserves a standing ovation. The fashion industry is tough, and that’s an understatement. You can appreciate that fact from the outside, but once you work in the industry, particularly on a fashion design team, you realize the amount of heart and effort that’s put in by everyone that works on the team. It’s usually a pretty small team, producing very big results.

At first glance, it doesn’t look all that complicated to put together a show. It’s beautifully in sync on the runway, perfectly choreographed with models that are casted to seem as though they were made to wear the look they walk in, music carefully chosen, lighting to enhance the silhouettes and just the right hair and makeup to compliment the inspiration for the collections.

The reality is, it takes months to produce. From the first sketches of the inspiration from the designer, to the first fabric swatches chosen. Special fabrics hand knitted and woven specially for the collection. Color palettes chosen, and tested to see which colors work best together.

Hundreds of designs reviewed, to narrow down to the few that you see on the runway. Print studios, fabric mills, ateliers, pattern makers, designers, it takes many to produce the few pieces we finally see in a show that only takes minutes to play out.

Collette Dinnigan built her business and her name over a span of two decades. I can only imagine all the passion that went into her endeavors and wanted to do this post as a thanks for her contributions to the industry.

Dinnigan was running a financially viable, and successful business and was on a quest to find someone to manage the company, allowing more time for her personal life. Running a business, being the creative visionary, plus having a family, while writing a book and being financially profitable is admirable to say the least.

Having the creative vision mixed with the ability to run a business producing growth and profit is a unique combination. The fact that Collette Dinnigan is leaving the business she loved on her own terms, and while on a high note leaves me wondering what she will do next. I’m sure we will see more of Dinnigan in her next metamorphosis as a creative visionary and designer in the future.

I chose to show the back of my favorite dress from the collection as the headline image, as a quiet metaphor to her walking on to her next adventure.

All the best Collette!

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more about Collette Dinnigan here.

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6 Responses to Collette Dinnigan Spring 2014, the last collection

  1. Ou

    this article is so well written, thanks Carly for your beautiful words and deep understanding of this industry! only a person who had worked in it would understand– it is not all that glamorous, you have to be so passionate to keep working in this tough field. thanks Carly now i am a fan ~~ :)

    • Carly Tati

      Hi Ou
      Thanks for reading:) You are right, only those who worked within the industry can understand what we give to be a part of it. We chose that path based on our passions and while there are flashes of glamour, that’s really not what it’s all about.

      I look at someone like Collette Dinnigan and am truly inspired by all she managed to accomplish, and that she found the way to transform into other creative endeavors when she felt the time was right.

      Glad you enjoyed the article, especially that YOU too are a woman to inspire others:)


  2. it’s such a shame, i love what she does!


    p.s. thanks for your comment :)