Sunday, August 25, 2013

I love adding books to my library. I’ve been collecting books about fashion, photography and travel here and there ever since I can remember. You may remember one of my favorite bookstores in NYC I wrote about here and my favorite in Paris here.

When I came across this beautiful book about COMME des GARÇONS, I was happy to add it to my collection. Rei Kawakubo, the founder and designer for COMME des GARÇONS  has had a remarkable impact on the fashion world and is an amazing success story as a designer.

She studied fine arts and literature and started her career in textiles. That probably explains the attention to detail on all the textiles in the collections. Usually the collection is filled with interesting textures and surfaces that have to be seen up close to be fully appreciated.

When COMME des GARÇONS was the guest designer for H&M in 2008, there was a near frenzy in NYC with her most loyal followers waiting in line for 24 hours to try and get some of the pieces from the collection.

The COMME des GARÇONS store in Manhattan is especially cool from the outside. Passerby’s wonder, what’s inside the store, nestled on 22nd street in the gallery district of Chelsea. It feels more like a futuristic art gallery than a retail store. With a space age like entrance, once inside you will find the latest collections including the ever popular Play by Comme Des Garçons t-shirts sneakers(CDG Play). I always like their accessories, and have one of their bags that I have been taking with me everywhere since I got it a few years ago. It holds everything I need in a minimal way.

I was in a factory in Tokyo not that long ago that was making knitwear for the collection. It was fascinating to see the intricacies that went into what seems to be a minimalistic and simplistic design. Sometimes, the most sleek and modern designs, the quiet ones, are the ones that require the most engineering and attention to detail.

What are some of your favorite coffee table books?


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