Friday, February 15, 2013

photograph anna wintour, vogue fashion editor anna wintour, anna wintour streetstyle, anna wintour wearing prada, anna wintour haircut, anna wintour sunglassesDear Anna

We met a few years ago when we were showing you our new collection just before we showed it at fashion week.

All this week, I can tell you from the field that the one picture everyone wanted was of you. Though I saw you at shows I attended, I never took a photo. For one thing, you are very stealthy and fast, so to get the right shot is next to impossible.

From the moment you stepped out of the doors at Ralph, you were smiling at me. Maybe it was my hat with the giant heart on it for Valentines Day. Maybe it just the after glow of Ralph’s genius.

Either way, just before you got into your car to go, I raised my camera to get this shot and nearly got knocked down by the crazed paparazzi.

Sorry it’s not perfect, but it happened so fast.

Here’s to the next fashion week.


Carly Tati

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