I get a lot of questions from friends of mine about the difference between New York city street style and and Paris street style. For the last decade I’ve visited often, and had a chance to live there too, so I guess I’m always observing by osmosis. There are many differences between the style, some just depend on the seasons, some on the neighborhoods just like in NYC. Both cities are truly inspiring for so many things, including style.

Here are a few differences between New York city street style and Paris street style that stand out:

1. French girls have less clothing, but spend more on each item so it lasts. So, it looks to be better quality.

2. French girls have more basics than New Yorkers, and they mix them around with simple items like a big scarf to make them look different.

3. New York girls wear more color. The style seems to be more bold, bright colors, fun, happy colors no matter what season, though they are always more popular in the summer. A New Yorker is daring with her color~

4. New York girls are just as effortlessly chic as Parisian girls. They are both cool, and it’s a myth that one is more “effortless”, “chic” or “cool” than the other. New Yorkers are the epitome of effortless, but then so are the Parisians, wink. There is no big difference between New York city street style and Paris street style when it comes to being chic, they are just different.

My Parisian friends are always telling me how cool they think the New Yorker style is and of course my New York friends are always telling me how cool the Parisians are~

5. Parisian girls don’t wear commuter scooters. What’s that? Shoes to commute from one place to the other while carrying your nice heels somewhere stuffed in your handbag. Or your second bag. They just wear their lovely shoes all day long, no matter what. Carry them in their bag, ewww non!

6. Parisians don’t carry a second bag. One is enough. It’s usually a super cute one, with no extra clothes, just necessities like lipstick. A Parisian would never leave home without lipstick. Some even carry their perfume. Like my friend Corinne.

New Yorkers often have two bags. A reasonable sized handbag with all the essentials, including lipgloss or lip balm and maybe some lipstick. and some sort of oversized bag like a big huge tote to stuff the commuter shoes in, gym clothes, a change of clothes for your boyfriends, clothes to change into for a date after work, etc. We have lots of things to carry in our second bag.

When I was working for a big handbag company, we actually designed two bag sets, just for New Yorkers. Your little bag and your big bag for carrying around half your apartment each day.

7. The chignon as a quick hairstyle to look pulled together is just as popular in NYC as it is in Paris.

8. I have heard often over the years that Parisians wear more flats than New Yorkers. Not so, I think it must be about the same. Especially, that New Yorkers often wear flat shoes while commuting.

9. Trainers, while we are on the topic of shoes… you will see most New Yorkers having several pairs of cool trainers. It’s a thing. We love them. Partially because we walk everywhere, partially to break the seriousness of some of the looks we like with a chic trainer. You don’t see Parisian girls wearing trainers as often, though it is definitely getting more popular in Paris.

10. Casual versus dressy. On a day to day basis, a Parisian is dressier. There’s more of  a chance that she will be wearing a cool blazer, or a blouse. But in the evening, no one outdoes the New Yorker. They really know how to “dress up” for anything from a simple cocktail to a big party or a hot date. This is a big difference between New York city street style and Paris street style.

Those are just a few fun observations, and of course they depend on the girl. There are chic girls with great style everywhere~


P.S. the photo in the headline was shot in Paris :)

P.S.S. What do you think are some of the differences in the style of the two cities?



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