Monday, January 6, 2014

I love fedora hats. I’ve been wearing them since high school. To me, they were always so chic and perfect. Maybe I fell in love with the fedora hat from all the old movies I used to watch? Hats were a part of everyone’s everyday style back in the day. If your having a bad hair day, or if the weather is dicey like it has been lately, it’s a fast and easy way to feel great without thinking too much. When it’s raining, or like lately snowing like crazy, who want’s to put much thought into their hairstyle? It’s just going to get windblown, and full of snow, like this:

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that photo was during Milan Fashion Week last Feb on the way to Missoni. Just before that, earlier the same day, we all got poured on with rain before it turned into that lovely, fluffy snow! . I wish I had a hat that day! I usually don’t like to travel with them though, they get crushed and lose their shape over time unless you wear it the whole time your in transit. Between my camera gear, and handbag, that’s too many things to think about!

Oh, remember when we were talking about hats and SPF? Wether we like it or not, we need to think about SPF in the winter too, so as an added bonus, hats give us some added protection from those unsuspecting UV rays. I’m terrible about putting on sunscreen every day, are  you? That’s something I really need to work on for the new year!

What are some of your style tips for winter? In NYC it’s usually mostly about staying warm once it get’s down to the temperatures below zero! I mean seriously, that’s freaking cold! Do you like to wear a fedora hat?

Alright, that’s enough rambling about hats! Happy New Year again~~





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