Friday, May 17, 2013

The reason I went to school for fashion design is that I thought I wanted to be a costume designer. I became passionately obsessed with the work of the legendary Edith Head. Studying all of the films she worked on. Learning formal wear design as intricate as corseting and boning. Teaching myself fashion illustration.

Naturally, the Great Gatsby costume design had me really intrigued.

Lucky for me, my friend Sandrine who I featured here worked with the genius Costume Designer Catherine Martin on the Great Gatsby costume design of the film for about two years leading up to the release.

Stay tuned later today as I will share some close ups of the laces from Solstiss featured in the gowns from the Great Gatsby. How amazing would it be to work directly with Catherine Martin?  A dream!!!


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  1. Claire

    So romantic and fun I cannot wait to see more about these beautiful dresses.