Friday, September 20, 2013

H&M beauty, an unexpected find.

It always seems that when I need it most, on the go while traveling, I never have nail polish remover with me. Nail polish remover is also so cumbersome and I always think it will spill in my bag and smell atrocious! Why can’t they find a way to make that stuff smell better!

We have all had that happen while traveling before, something opens in our bag and there’s a big huge mess! Or at least it seems to happen often in my travel bag! Now I double wrap everything, inside the bag and then wrap a bag around it in case something spills!

Last time, lucky for me, it was some Chanel perfume that spilled, so everything smelled nice. Even if it was too strong! Oh or how about the time before that when my Dessange conditioner pot opened and covered all of my cosmetics with a creamy layer of product that took me a few hours or felt like days to get out of everything in my makeup bag.

I guess neither of those are as bad as the time a guy next to me on the flight spilled his red wine all over my white shirt. Yes, that really happened. I was supposed to go straight to a presentation where I was presenting design concepts as soon as I got off the plane. Ce’st la vie!

I felt like I won the powerball when I got to the checkout counter at H&M the other day and saw these fun little pots of nail polish remover pads. Who knew H&M beauty could be so practical and fun! They were available in two fun colors, so at only 2.99 each, I bought both. They will be useful during travels.

I love things that make travel easier. They are in my bag for Paris Fashion Week!

What are some of your favorite portable beauty finds? How about some of your favorite packing tips to stay organized while traveling?



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