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Hello Tati-Istas~ happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend??

Happy to share that IFB has selected my link, Meet Ou Lin Anthropologie Designer for their weekly roundup. This is’s 9th feature on IFB. It goes without saying that I ♥ IFB(international fashion bloggers). Have you checked them out yet?

In case you missed our other links chosen, you can find them here.

1. Workwear Influence on Fashion, part 1, Jumpsuits

2. Interview with Adriano Goldschmied

3. Story of the Espadrille

4. Best Kept French Beauty Secret

5. DIY Graphic Nails

6. Workwear Influence on Fashion, part 2, Denim

7. BCBG Backstage & how to get the look

8. Behind the Scenes with American Icon Pendleton Wool

So, here’s the list for the week below be sure to check out all the great articles!

IFB(international fashion bloggers)


C’est Chic

I’m writing this from a hotel room in New York today. Coming to New York always makes me think about style… since NYC is probably one of the most stylish places in the world. What makes an outfit “work?” Is it the actual pieces, or your je ne sais quoi? Not knowing, or trying to quantify is what keeps the fashion media in business. Which is why I always love browsing through the links. This week we have all kinds of tricks and tips on how to style your wardrobe, how to put it all together, so whether or no you have that je ne sai quoi you’ll at least look damn good.

Links à la Mode: November 7th


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IFB(international fashion bloggers)

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