Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hi Everyone,

With all the travel the last few days for the Seattle trip, I just realized that my link was featured in IFB’s links a la mode for the weekly roundup, YAY!. By now, you all know that I ♥ IFB. They have a wealth of information for fashion bloggers, and great articles that bloggers across many categories would find interesting.

Each week, IFB curates a list of their favorite links. Check out all the blogs selected below.

Don’t forget to cruise around on IFB‘s site too!

In case you missed these before, here are some prior links that have been featured on IFB:

1. Workwear Influence on Fashion, part 1, Jumpsuits

2. Interview with Adriano Goldschmied

3. Story of the Espadrille

4. Best Kept French Beauty Secret

5. DIY Graphic Nails

6. Workwear Influence on Fashion, part 2, Denim


Fashionista Problems Solved

No one is immune to fashion problems. So why take them so seriously? Cue side-eye and say, “Puh-lease, as if!” No really, whether it’s what your friend says when you’re trying on a new trend, or determining if you’re a good bitch or a bad bitch, heck, even if you’re trying to make those jeans work with heels, it’s all here this week. Plus a couple of cute ideas for Halloween! Even if you need to fix your brows, this is the link list to browse.

Links à la Mode: October 17


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