Well everyone, it’s almost here… the Isabel Marant x H&M collaboration launch. By all estimations it’s going to be mayhem, as usual, in the grand scheme of all the other H&M collabs.

I’ve only actually ever attended one. The word of mouth rumblings from friends with stories of shoppers snatching items from your arms, the race to grab the pieces you want from the racks before they disappear in seconds, and the time limits to make buying decisions steered me away. Not to mention, some eager shoppers line up the day before!!!!

I went to the Marni collab a few years ago. I tried to strategically select the H&M in NYC that I thought would be the least busy, ha as if that ever happens during a designer collab in New York City & I got there at the crack of dawn. Yeah, that was about 5 am, thinking my plan would put me first in line. Not so, I was probably about number 400.

I also thought I was really clever, pre-editing my selections. Choosing from the lookbook a few things I was going to buy. They give out these wristbands by group and let a certain amount of people in for each shopping slot. I think we had like 20 minutes to shop. I ran into a designer friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a year and we thought we’d shop together since we were near each other in line. We compared notes on our plans.

Ha, once we got inside it was like the madness of black friday shopping running of the bulls! But then, this was Marni, in one of the fashion capitols of the world, so what was I expecting?

We didn’t even have time to talk to each other once we were inside. We each found a few things that we liked, none of which were on our original “lists” because the items were swooped up off the shelves quicker than we could say Marni.

Then comes the assessment, which you have to do quickly because your time is nearly up. Forget trying it on, you better really know how things fit on you.

Do I want this? Do I need this?

Then, purchase!

They say the Isabel Marant collection will be the biggest ever for H&M.

I have long loved the Isabel Marant style of rocker cool meets elegant. Will you be braving the lines?

Here’s my edit of the 7 pieces I’d buy from the collab. I focused on accessories, which I always love and think these will wear well. A few clothing items, including some fun sequin pants. Throw on a t-shirt and some converse to tame them!

Which pieces were your favs from the collection? You can get the lowdown on which locations in NYC have the collab here at Racked. See the full lookbook for the Isabel Marant and H&M here at the H&M website.


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