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Sometimes you find something that you just keep wearing and wearing, like my metallic leather heels. Actually, I always do that,  having favorites each season that Iwear all the time. White v neck tee shirts, a favorite pair of skinny jeans, black heels. I have this rolling list of like ten things that I find myself trying not to wear because I wear them so much! I have other things to wear, I just have my favorites.

When I was little I did the same thing. I remember being about 5 and having a pair of purple corduroys that I was totally obsessed with. I wore them for weeks at a time I think until my Mom finally made me stop. I actually had at one point 2 pairs of the same exact pants so that they could be washed between wears. Imagine what my teachers were thinking seeing me everyday in the same pants, the purple kind of stands out!

It was picture day at school and she was trying to convince me to wear a dress. Of course, back then I loved dresses but for the day to day I was a total tomboy and all I wanted to wear was my purple corduroys.

I ended up wearing a little jumper dress that my Grandmother had made me, which was purple, I think that’s how I was finally convinced to go for the dress and give up the purple pants.

After the purple pants phase, I went through a hoodie thing. I was about 5 and I always had to have my heather grey zip up hoodie.

These last few weeks for summer I’ve been wearing the Isabel Marant shoes in the photos. They go with everything from dresses and skirts that are on the dressier side, to really casual jeans and shorts. I found them on my last trip to Paris for Haute Couture at the Merci shop. Lucky me, they were on sale! The sales in Paris are awesome. Good thing I only had a few hours before my flight to look around, or it could have been trouble. When I say awesome, there really is nothing like it.

Did you have favorites like the purple corduroys when you were little? What are go to favorites that you love to wear today?


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