Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The pictures that I’m posting were actually shot yesterday, one day before the show today but I had to wait to post of course until the styles hit the runway. I had a secret preview of the collection with the JC de Castelbajac team as they were preparing for their presentation. It was great to be in the studio while they were styling the looks for the show. One thing that struck me is how calm and organized they were. They were really having fun pulling it all together and the atmosphere was very different from any studio I had worked with in the past just days before the show.


So, here is a glimpse into what I saw. Watch out for the boots below, they were amazing. The concept is that the actual boot is interchangeable with different snap on and snap off tops. Genius! So if you feel like black, you can wear black and if you want to have more fun just snap on a print or a plaid and voilà!!


Thank you team Castelbajac!


JC de Castelbajac fall 2013 Collection

JCdeCastelbajac-23 JCdeCastelbajac-70

JCdeCastelbajac-1 JCdeCastelbajac-2 JCdeCastelbajac-3 JCdeCastelbajac-4 JCdeCastelbajac-5 JCdeCastelbajac-6 JCdeCastelbajac-8 JCdeCastelbajac-9 JCdeCastelbajac-10 JCdeCastelbajac-11 JCdeCastelbajac-12 JCdeCastelbajac-13 JCdeCastelbajac-14 JCdeCastelbajac-15 JCdeCastelbajac-16 JCdeCastelbajac-17 JCdeCastelbajac-18 JCdeCastelbajac-19 JCdeCastelbajac-20 JCdeCastelbajac-21

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