Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Look how BLUE that sky is! And those Joshua Trees, and the SAND! It looks EXACTLY like this unedited picture when your standing in Joshua Tree Park.

I was recently working in Los Angeles on a few projects and had only 4 days available after LA before it was back to work. So we jumped in a car to see America’s west, on a quick but truly epic road trip to Joshua Tree for a day, followed by the Grand Canyon.

I can’t help it, whenever I think of Joshua Tree Park, I always envision U2’s Joshua Tree album. Anton Corbijn is one of my personal favorite photographers. I mean rock and roll AND photography, yes please. It would be a dream to shoot alongside him one day!

Anton Corbijn forever immortalized the Joshua Tree. Bringing the already exotic and mysterious trees to a whole new place with those black and white panoramas.

The Joshua Trees are mesmerizing, I can’t say enough about their beauty.


4 Responses to passing thru joshua tree park

  1. sofia

    OMG its amazin’ !!! This Landscape.
    I want to go in USA ahhhhrrrr #MyDream

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