Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy La Chandeleur! It’s crepe day in France today~

My family have always been crêpe people. My sister can make sublime crêpe flambées for one thing, and I had the fun of learning how to make crepes from my friends  in France. Crêpes are the kind of thing that make people swoon!

We’ve had several really big crêpe parties over the years.It’s so much fun to get everyone together for crepes with a glass of cider.

Here’s the recipe for the crêpes in the photo to celebrate La Chandeleur,

French crepe recipe:

Prep time 15 minutes / Cooking time about 2 minutes per crepe. This recipe should make enough crepes for about 6 people so that they can have several each.

375 grams white all purpose flour

3 pinches of salt

90 grams melted butter(I used the salted kind)

75 grams of granulated sugar

6 eggs

1 liter of whole milk

Dash of vanilla extract

In a large bowl, mix flour salt and sugar together. I use a wooden spoon to mix it all together. Add the eggs and mix. Add the butter and thoroughly mix together.

Incorporate the milk gradually to create a smooth mixture. I like to use a whisk to incorporate the milk.

To cook the crepes, it’s best to use a crepe pan if you have it. If not, use a large non-stick skillet.

Coat your pan lightly with butter.

Pour your batter onto the pan once it’s really hot. I like to use a large soup ladle to pour into the pan to give more control. You just want to lightly coat the pan with the batter so the crepes turn out thin and fine.

Let the crepe cook until you see the edges turning golden brown, then shake the pan to loosen the crepe from the pan. Lightly flip the crepe with a spatula so you don’t break it!

If your feeling super ambitious and want to impress your friends, you can flip the crepe up in the air to turn it. Careful, takes lots of practice or you might end up with a crepe on your head ~

Enjoy with whatever toppings you like best! Are you hungry yet??

Toppings for French Crepes:

You can personalize them depending on what you like. Today, we had crepes with butter and sugar, crepes with lemon juice and sugar, crepes with apricot jam and crepes with salted caramel.

For the salted caramel, I add the caramel while it’s in the pan so it melts really well. For all the other toppings, you can add them after they are cooked.

My favorite? hmmm I think that would be the lemon and sugar. You cook the crepe first and let it get extra crispy. Then, just sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top and a squeeze of lemon. It’s super good!

Voilà, cheers to La Chandeleur~~

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