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The Lacoste Fall 2014 collection was filled with references to the archives of heritage Lacoste, a heritage rich in the tradition of golf.

From the retro, classic Lacoste burgundy color, to the 1920’s feeling opening look with the dropped waist, designer Felipe Oliveira Baptiste was heavily inspired for the season during his visit to Chantaco.

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Located in the Basque reqion of France and built in the late 20’s, the Lacoste family house provided references for Baptiste, taking him back to the roots of the family game.

In looking at archival photographs of Chantaco, I noticed one striking image where everyone in the vintage photograph was wearing some form of a sweater.

Could this be where the heavily knitwear driven influences for the collection originated?

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Graphic intarsias created modern day options to the argyle.  The looks were feminized with trumpet skirts, or fitted dresses.

The winter white look that model Asheigh Good wore had only the tiniest accents of burgundy in a cool sweatshirt style.

ashleigh good, ford models, lacoste fall 2014, new york fashion week

fashion model kremi otashliyska, lacoste fall 2014, lacoste fall 2014 new york fashion weekThere was a clear shift into the menswear influence, taking a cue from attire worn on the greens, as seen in the monochromatic look model Irina Kravchenko is wearing. Sensible sneakers, backpacks and monochromatic head to toe color created something of an nouveau golfer.

fashion model irina kravchenko, lacoste fall 2014 collection, lacoste burgundy, red haired models

What do you think of matching your sweater to your gloves?
fashion model xiao wen ju, lacoste fall 2014 collection, lacoste new york fashion week

The closing look worn by model Kätlin Aas was quite a departure from the super sporty stylings we are accustomed to when thinking of Lacoste.

lacoste fall 2014, new york fashion week, katlin aas

The angular pattern in greys and neutrals inspired by the art deco lines in the clubhouse at Chantaco(there are photos of on the Lacoste Instagram) was not surprisingly my favorite look in the collection.

Of course, Baptiste wore classic Lacoste burgundy, representing the collection as the show closed.

lacoste designer felipe oliveira baptista

See the video of the Lacoste Fall 2014 collection on their website.

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