Friday, August 16, 2013

Whose ready for the weekend?!

I’m happy to let you know that my link Workwear Influence on Fashion, Part 2, Denim was chosen by IFB for this weeks roundup of link love!

I ♥ IFB, they provide an awesome community for bloggers. Be sure to check their blog here.

This weeks list is fun and inspiring so when you get a chance, check out the links below.

Don’t forget to check out my other links featured in IFB’s prior roundups.

1. Workwear Influence on Fashion, part 1, Jumpsuits

2. Interview with Adriano Goldschmied

3. Story of the Espadrille

4. Best Kept French Beauty Secret

5. DIY Graphic Nails


Naughty Nineties

It was Halloween in 1988, I decided to dress up as a Hippie. A woman said something I have never forgotten… “You know you’re getting old when kids start dressing up like you did as a teenager.” Well, this is the year it’s really happening to me. As someone who loved alternative chic in the 90’s (a little grunge, a little goth, a little punk, a little ska) it’s nice to see some of those styles “coming back” for nostalgia if not for anything else. While, I personally will take a seat back, having already lived it before, this week’s links have all kinds of 90’s themes to them. From Michelle Williams (hey Dawson’s Creek hit in ’99) to St. Laurent’s grunge inspired collection, to the 10 Alternative Fashion blogs to watch, it’s there, so just click!

Links à la Mode: August 15


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