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The vintage looking coifs at Armani Privé created by Orlando Pita may look simple at first glance. But if you see the models up close, you know that Pita didn’t cut their hair to create the glamorous looking, finger waved bobs. There was careful twisting, curling and placement, particularly those with long hair, to fashion a bob with a 20’s and 30’s ish look.

To create this illusion, Pita created sections in the models hair. Taking the underneath section and braiding, while creating a looser layer on the top section. He created a side parted faux-bob curled with a curling wand to create waves that swooped down on the sides.

There was volume in the back of the bob, achieved by loose, pinned almost twirling croissants. This gave the look of waves and volume on the sides and back, and as the models turned to walk away, you could see the swirls of the multiple retro chignons to keep the hair in position.

Linda Cantello, Armani International makeup artist, created the makeup look with a subtle nod to vintage hollywood allure. The modern take from her inspiration of Carol Lombard fashioned a look inspired by the silver screen but modern and elegant for the runway.

Natural looking cheeks just slightly flushed created a naive glow. Lightly stained lips were created with lip powder for a transparent effect. Delicately shimmering pigment dusted on the eyelids gave a feeling of retro glamour.liu xu model, models off duty, fei fei sun street style, fei fei sun style, liu xu armani prive fall 2013, liu xu beautiful photo, armani prive fall 2013 paris haute couture, linda cantello, orlando pita, armani cosmetics, armani foundation

The face was a matte look, soft and full of light bringing a perfect nude complexion. Giorgio Armani fittingly named his collection “Nude” having said to be inspired by the nude Armani cosmetics palette used for the day collection.

Some of the products used to create the look were:

1. Foundation: Maestro To Go Foundation which will be the new compact version of Cantello’s weightless complexion corrector.

2. Powder: Luminous Silk Powder

3. Lipstick: Tadzio, new shade of Rouge d’Armani. For those that loved this shade, you have to wait until January when it’s scheduled to release.

It would be tough to replicate the eye look since Cantello, as she is known to do, created the look with a mix of products for an eyeshadow that doesn’t exist!

Model Liu Xu

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