Friday, February 14, 2014

Don’t you love this Petra Nemcova shot?

I’m happy to introduce  Carly Tati Studio contributor London based fashion photographer, Andy Barnham.

Andy and I met in Milan during one frosty winter, with plenty of snow on the ground. I had just gotten off a flight from NYC and went straight to the PORTS fashion show, with my suitcase in hand- for 2 weeks of travels in Milan and Paris.

Imagine how little room there would be for a giant suitcase at fashion week??? My flight had weather delays so it was either the bag goes to the show with me, or I miss the show~ At least I only had one, but…

PORTS was packed, and just about to start. We were both shooting the show. Andy took one look at my suitcase, and gear and laughed, then made some room for me amidst the chaos. We have been friends ever since.

I will be editing exclusive London fashion week photo reportage shot by Andy, who happened to lens this gorgeous Petra shot.

Stay tuned!

Let the London Fashion Week games begin~

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