The Opera Garnier, in Paris, France is absolutely breathtaking. To stand inside, and look all around and see the gilded details really makes you pause and appreciate the making of this beautiful place. I mean you just don’t see things like this in the USA, or at least not many. I was reading that the Opera Garnier took 14 years to make!

Can you imagine all of the spectacular events that must take place there? Especially, the Stella McCartney fashion shows?

I love New York Fashion Week, but there is something about Paris and Milan fashion week that is so much more Grand. When you have a backdrop like this for a fashion show, how can you not be in awe?

I have been going to Paris for work often over the last few years. Looking for inspiration, attending shows and whenever I have time available, just wandering the city. I still get lost every time I go there, but getting lost in Paris to me never really counts as being lost. It’s instead, a chance to discover something that I never knew about

I remember my first trip to Paris when I was still in college. It was my first trip to Europe and I was visiting one of my best friends who had an internship. Her apartment was just across from the Notre Dame. It was old world with hardwood floors, high ceilings, beautiful crown moldings. She had an extra bedroom open and kept asking me to move there to. I ALMOST did, I was really thinking about it but then I got a job offer and so my career in fashion began.

I remember boarding the plane at CDG after my first visit. It had only been a 3 day visit, I know that’s crazy right, but I knew that I loved Paris. I actually got tears in my eyes leaving and knew that beautiful city would alway be an important part of my life.

By now, you know that I love to travel. But could there really be a city more beautiful than Paris? There is beauty everywhere, but I have never lost that feeling when I arrive to Paris of feeling like it’s a home.

What’s your favorite city to visit?

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