Friday, May 10, 2013

Leave it to Marc Jacobs to pull together the most influential and iconic music photographers of all times. Photographers that created images during the Punk era that continue to influence our inspirations to this day.

Romanticized capturing a time where anarchy, rebellion and celebration of uniqueness gave way to a momentum that broke permanent barriers.

All perfectly timed around the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Punk:Chaos to Couture exhibit(which I went to and will share more on soon).

Last night, the place to be was the west village Marc Jacobs Bookmarc store on Bleeker. I almost dropped my camera when I saw Debbie Harry of Blondie, with her black leather studded jacket and platinum blonde hair! I didn’t photograph her, some moments are just meant to be lived and talked about, leaving your camera at your side.

The group of photographers featured documented epic moments alive and full of so much energy, rebellion, and freedom that you feel like you could jump into the pictures. You want to be a part of it and through their impressions of that profound time in music, fashion and cultural history, we can step back in time.

The candid portrait I got tonight of the legendary photographers captures the spirit of punk. Look at these guys, still just as cool today as then. Punks themselves at heart carrying the torch for a time none of us can let go of, even if we weren’t born yet.

I know I’m gushing, but a few of my favorite things just collided together in one place at one time. Marc Jacobs, Punk, the photographers, oh and Debbie Harry of Blondie too!

Roberta Bayley curated a selection of images from the early punk era featuring the following photographers:

Roberta Bayley. Janette Beckman. Stephanie Chernikowski. Leee Black Childers. Godlis. Julia Gorton. Bobby Grossman. Bob Gruen. Laura Levine. Eileen Polk. Marcia Resnick. Chris Stein. Joe Stevens. Danny Fields.

Just google any of their names and their work will pop up to inspire you.

Good news if you missed the party, you can pop into the Bookmarc store and see some of what we experienced tonight.

Which is your favorite punk band? Or your favorite couture designer reinventing punk today? I’d love to know!

9 Responses to Marc Jacobs, Just Chaos Punk in the West Village

  1. Iconic photo! Iconic!

    Rock on Carly!

  2. Claire Vert

    Great article. I love Marc Jacobs!!!

  3. Diane

    Love the Black and White pic! Epic!

  4. Erica

    Love this…Keep it coming!

  5. Jim

    Great pic! LOVE your blog!

    • pamela

      The photos on your blog are amazing and I love how you tie it back to fashion! I go to your site wondering what will be next. Happy friday

  6. Erica

    Love this pic! Classic to be sure!

  7. Jeff B

    So I think it’s fitting that in NYC Punk is continuing, and evolving! I Consider New York the home of Punk Music since it’s home to The Ramones. 
    Great Article! 
    I don’t “wanna be sedated” after reading it! 

  8. What a great shot! What a lucky girl you are to be living in NYC and ”bump” into all these fabulous people!