Saturday, October 5, 2013

merci shop marais paris, merci shop paris, merci merci paris, merci boulevard beaumarchais, swildens, rodierThis season, during Paris Fashion Week, Merci shop Paris shop held a party celebrating two special guests:

Juliette Swildens,  SWILDENS’S designer
Emilie Luc-Duc, creative director at RODIER

You know when Merci gets a group together it’s going to be an evening that’s fun and inspiring.

One of the big topics of conversation was the beautiful installation showing the inspiration for Juliette Swildens exclusive collection in the Merci store Paris right now.

merci shop marais paris, merci shop paris, merci merci paris, merci boulevard beaumarchais, swildens, rodier


As soon as you walked into the shop, you noticed the Native American influence with giant dream catchers hanging on the wall, inspired by the Navajo.

Swildens is a collection full of attention to detail with embroideries and styles that are Parisian yet bohemian at the same time.  The touches of Native American influence is a signature to the collection. It’s super feminine and easy to wear,  with the use of fabrics like silks and very fine cottons.

I asked Juliette where her passion for the Native American influence came from and she noted that she has always loved feathers, embroideries, and details that reminded her of the Native Americans.

To maintain the authenticity, Merci procured barn wood that was over 100 years old. The red wood on the walls was once clad onto cattle barns withstanding the sun and elements of the weather. Over time, the color changes, producing the beautiful rusty red you see today as the color oxides with the elements. There’s a team that transforms the wood from barn wood to wall decoration for installations like this one!

The installation will be up for a few more days, so if your in Paris now’s the chance to check it out. Of course, Merci has interesting installations each time you visit, so even if you can’t get there to see this one, your sure to see something interesting the next time to make your way into the shop.


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One Response to An evening at Merci Shop Paris

  1. Diane

    Amazing party! I love the Dream Catcher’s on the wall.