Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The last time I was in LA, for Coachella, I was walking around the city in my favorite shoes.

I’ve had these metallic leather Dries Van Noten shoes for a little over a year, and they are the one pair of heels that I actually think are comfortable and love walking around in. Not to mention that the rose gold was less common and went with everything, so they were super easy to wear.

I was crossing the street and all of a sudden, a guy in a big Merc who was trying to get out of his parking spot and didn’t see me, totally ran over my foot. Do you know how heavy a Mercedes is? Really, he ran over my foot. He just wasn’t watching.

There I am, with my foot just totally stuck under his tire. Wondering, what the hell is happening, I’m just trying to cross the street!

Is my foot ok? I’m not sure, it’s all too weird~

Lucky for me, I was wearing my Dries that day. So the heel got stuck under his big tire and literally saved my foot. I’m not sure how, but the tire didn’t even break the heel!

The guy felt pretty bad once he realized what was going on. He’s trying to move his car and I’m screaming, wait, no, my foot is stuck!!!

Once I got oriented and realized my foot was ok, I was pretty relieved. I mean how random is that?

The next thing I did was check the heel. Of course, it was all scratched up and the leather too. I was fine with it, considering that the shoe saved me!

Once I got back to NYC, I decided to call Dries to see if they could replace the heel.

I have to give them credit, they checked with their manufacturer, and tried to find a solution. But by this point it was already a year later, and they didn’t have that size heel anymore. No replacement heel for me!!!

So, just what can you do to care for metallic leather???

Actually guys, not much!!!

Once the leather is scratched or nicked, it’s really hard to repair because it’s basically a metallic film over the leather, and once the film splits off, there’s no replacing it.

I checked with some of my friends who are leather experts to be absolutely sure this was accurate. Mostly because I was hoping to hear there was a magical way to fix the pretty shoes I hardly got to wear. I was also hoping to provide you with some awesome post on how to care for your metallic leathers, but I haven’t found any new information yet on how to save your shoes!

So, my best advice when it comes to metallics is this:


1) Try to buy shoes that you know won’t scuff together, and make sure that you don’t wear them for long periods of time. It’s a good idea if your walking around in the city to work to have a backup pair to wear and then change into your metallics.

2) Avoid Robertson Avenue in LA, just outside of Kitson, in case that guy is parking.


1) Be careful not to wear your bags against things that could abrade or cause heavy wear, like buttons or belt buckles

2) Treat them with extra care when storing them. If traveling with them in your suitcase be sure to keep them in some kind of protection like a dust cloth.

Metallics have been a trend for a few years now, and based on everything I saw on the runway for Fall 2013, it will just continue.

So, when considering metallics, best to consider the end use, and the best way to wear them with care so they last as long as possible.

I really like metallic leathers, but now I’m extra careful~~

Do you wear metallic leathers? How do you care for them?

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