While in Paris, I had a chance to meet up with French designer and couturier Anne Valérie Hash.

I was also over in Paris during the Monoprix Petite Robe Noire event where they featured 5 couturiers. Anne Valérie Hash was one of the featured designers, so I decided to wear my AVH for Monoprix petite robe noire for our meeting together.

While perusing her salon, I found the very dress she designed on the form, so we took a quick photo to share!

What a magnificent and inspiring woman! Anne has had an interesting career over the last decade, and it was great fun to sit down and have tea together taking a break from our busy schedules. I will be featuring Anne next month to highlight more about her fascinating career.

We decided to meet around noon. I had never been to her office, and had no idea what to expect. As soon as I walked up the marble stairs,  I found a beautiful hallway mirrored and framed in antique gold.

Her office seemed the perfect compliment to her style with the mirrors and antique finishings. The salon was filled with some of her creations of delicate laces, and very detailed hand beadings. You could see the romantic and ethereal meeting with the urban and architectural elements that seem to inspire her collections. Large photographs of one of her admirers adorned the wall, Tilda Swinton wearing Anne Valerie Hash, almost the perfect poster model to highlight Anne’s design style.

Just past the hallway, opened up into a giant salon that was once a ballroom. There you could see racks and racks of lovely things from women’s to kids. Little miniature shearling coats for girls, lace and beaded shifts for women, silk art deco style shoes, so many textures and so many details. Of course, you could also see some of her signature jumpsuits.

This photo was shot there, in the salon. Hello, gorgeous. A jumpsuit, lace, romantic peek a boo details. This is so Anne. These are the types of lovely creations she designs.

anne-valerie-hash jumpsuit, lace jumpsuit

Looking forward to featuring Anne further soon.

In case you would like to check out her Monoprix petite robe noire, you can do that here.

Special thanks to Anne Valérie Hash, especially while her phones were ringing off the hook and this being one of the busiest times in the season!



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2 Responses to paris visit to anne valerie hash in monoprix petite robe noire

  1. You look gorgeous on the pic! Love your shoes!

  2. Carly Tati

    Thank you Hadrien:) See you for fashion week~