Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ladurée holds a special place in my heart. Twice a year there are shows in Paris that friends I’ve met in fashion unite for. Somehow I end up at Ladurée at least once each visit, in the company of good friends from around the world. Ladurée was the place where I first discovered their delicious chocolat chaud, hot melted chocolate, with creme chantilly on top.

Their boxes are so pretty that they almost feels like a gift itself. I used to save them for my leftover Euros or to keep random little things in.

My favorite macarons are the caramel ones, so delicious!

On one of my trips to Paris, I met a dear friend at Ladurée just before he took me to the airport. It was there that he told me he was going to ask our friend Anne to marry him.

Ladurée is romantic just because it’s Ladurée.  I’ve shared many special stories over macarons there.

A few years ago we were lucky enough to have Ladurée open a store in NYC. Would you believe I still haven’t been there? I like to save it for my trips to Paris, even though I always tell my friends if they are looking for great Macarons to try the NYC Ladurée.

One of my favorite things to do the last day I’m in Paris is to pick up a few macarons and go sit on a bench in Palais Royal with them. Get in line for them early because they are ALWAYS busy!

What’s your favorite flavor of macaron?



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4 Responses to My Favorite Macarons, Ladurée Paris!!

  1. These Paris posts are actually making my heart hurt. I had my first macaron from Laduree Paris and it was a dream! I’m so jealous!!


  2. Carly Tati

    I hope that you can get back over here again soon! Now that you mention it, I believe that my first macaron was from Laduree too!

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