Looking for the perfect holiday hair ideas? How about a DIY braid?

We thought this Frida Kahlo inspired look for the Naeem Khan Spring 2014 beauty was his prettiest runway beauty ever. Not to mention we love beadwork on that gorgeous orange top!

There are so many versions of braided crowns, or milk maid braid looks, but this one felt very fresh and we thought you might want to get the look too. The fun thing about braids is they work for any season.

Lucky for us, it’s super easy to try at home if you have medium to long hair. We will give you the rundown on the steps, and the exact products they used to achieve the look. As always, if you don’t have the products handy, you can just try with what you have at home that you feel is similar.

The lead hair artist for this look was Sally Hershberger. That’s right, Sally Hershberger! This was her ONLY show of the season, so we were really excited to see her work on the runway.

Ready to get the Naeem Khan Spring 2014 DIY braid???

Step 1. Spray Plump up Collagen Thickening Mist to dry hair from the roots. (They had applied extensions then applied the spray, but  with medium to long hair this is not necessary). This step was to thicken and add some “guts” to the hair said Hershberger.

Step 2. Rough dry hair to add volume.

Step 3. Brush hair as smooth as possible.

Step 4. Create a very sleek part in the middle, and smooth hair down.

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Step 5. Create 2 low ponytails between the ears and secure with a transparent hair tie.

Step 6. Lift the braid on the left up and wrap around the crown then back downs, tucking the ends behind the braid. Position similarly to the models or however looks best to frame your face. You can secure the braid along the way with bobby pins, I always use the color closest to my hair shade so it blends in.

Repeat on the right side.

7. Last step, pump up the shine! Spray some Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray.

Now you have the Naeem Khan spring 2014 beauty look!

voilà!! Your ready for your holiday parties~~~ 

If you try this diy braid look at home, tweet me a picture!!

Headline image Carly Tati. Images within the post courtesy of glamour.com.


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5 Responses to 7 steps to get this look from the naeem khan runway, diy frida kahlo braid

  1. Very beautiful hair style, so elegant and sophisticated! I loved this post, hope you will one day try this look on a show! It looks hard to make it though… All my support, Hadrien

    • Carly Tati

      Hadrien! Thanks for your note~~ See you next fashion week, avec ces jolies tresses peut-etre :)

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  4. I am going to have to try this style this weekend. It looks fabulous and is excellent in a kitchen around food. Thanks for sharing! Cheers