Saturday, April 27, 2013

The name of this beauty product makes me blush… and that’s just what it’s supposed to do.

My beauty routine needs to have 3 criteria:
1. Fast
2. Simple
3. Natural

I love this Nars illuminator and use it almost daily as a quick and easy light cheek color. We all know about the Nars Orgasm powder, but I love the Super Orgasm cream for ease and natural look.

What’s your favorite blush?

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4 Responses to Super Orgasm!!

  1. April

    LOVE all of the orgasm line, but have never seen the illuminatior. Guess what I’ll be picking up on my next trip to Sephora?

    • admin

      Hi April, let me know how you like it once you try it. It works for me on it’s own as cheek color, but some like to use their everyday blush with this on top to highlight. Cheers

  2. Hey Carly, i just want to say how much i’ve been enjoying your blog! I’ve nominated you for a versatile blogger award! You don’t have to pass on the award but its just my way of letting you know i’m enjoying your posts! Details of the award on my latest blog post!

    • admin

      Hey Sarah, thanks so much for the note. It’s been nice to have you following. I think what your doing with your blog is fantastic! I’ll be sure to check out your latest post about the versatile blogger award, stay tuned:)