Sunday, June 2, 2013

The trend of the pajama look has been going on for what seems like forever now. I was actually really surprised to see the look being rocked once again on many of the runways at the fall fashion weeks. I think the printed pants trend that I mentioned here is really just a derivative.

So the question is, would you wear the pajama look?

Take a look at her styling. To me, it’s perfect. The plaid trouser paired with the long robe makes it look super cool and not so much like a PJ set. I spotted her after a fashion event in Paris and we got to talking about the current trends. So, do you want to know where she got her robe?! Straight from her bathroom of course, with a whole new twist for day!

I say yes to pajamas if it looks like this~~

4 Responses to Pajamas all day

  1. I wear pajamas to work every day:) Totally happy to see this is a trend!

  2. What a stylish lady! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following :) Following you right back and all your PJ stories 😉


  3. pamela

    How did you get such a perfect shot? I would totally wear that robe, she should be the poster model of PJ style.

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