Friday, December 6, 2013

I spotted these black and white Pierre Hardy heels while walking around the Palais Royal the other day. Pierre Hardy was inspired by the black and white columns in the Palais Royal, just near his shop and for their 10 year anniversary, created this shoe. I thought it was a nice interpretation on black and white.

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I always think that luxury footwear like these Pierre Hardy heels are more art than anything. Sketching the idea, then finding the right materials to interpret the concept. Then fitting it to a woman’s foot so it conforms to the right shapes, while actually being able to walk in the creation! It’s an art and a science combined.

I remember in design school, I was always drawing all my sketches with fancy footwear. My specialty was evening wear but my teacher was always telling me to change to footwear. I guess I always had a secret fantasy of becoming a footwear designer and now I just admire the lovely creations of some of the designers like Pierre.

Palais Royal is a place I go every time I’m in Paris and there are a few shops that are always fun to check. I also love to see what they merchandise in the store windows for their displays. That can be just as inspirational as the product in the shop itself.

What products do you secretly admire? For some of my friends it’s makeup, others handbags. I have a girlfriend who is so in love with perfume that she has an entire blog devoted to it and spends her free time smelling beautiful scents to write about. For me, I think it would be lovely shoes that are like works of art. Oh, and beautiful dresses too, ok, it’s two things. I also have an unusual fascination with eyeglasses. I seem to try them on a lot, though I don’t actually have any.

P.S. Here’s a video on the concept and design of the Pierre Hardy heels. It’s always fun to hear about an artists inspirations, and I thought you might like it too~~




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