Friday, November 8, 2013

We’ve been talking a lot about the platinum blonde hair color over at the studio. I was wondering why we’ve become obsessed with this look and we came to the conclusion it’s because all of our hair is so different. I mean, I could NEVER pull off the platinum blonde look.

Darker, yes.

Years ago for a party, my makeup and hair artist friend Jen once transformed me into a dolled up flapper. She used a short, almost black wig and some heavy eyeliner with a red lip, looked awesome.

More red, yes. I’ve toyed with adding some red to my hair, a little more cinnamon like for winter.

But platinum??? It’s just a big, huge NO. For some reason it just wouldn’t work. So that makes it exotic. It’s also mysterious because I will never know what it’s like to be perfectly platinum. So we have to just admire it on others. It’s not that we don’t love all hair colors, that’s part of the beauty of nature, or really great hair dressers~~!!!! We can accentuate our looks and our moods through color.

Then you think about famous platinum blonde hair girls like Marilyn Monroe, and Brigitte Bardot. I don’t think history will ever stop referencing their blonde locks for inspiration.

There’s a momentum towards the platinum blonde look. We continued to see more icy white on the runways and in the streets the last couple of seasons. Then of course, there is the platinum hair of Sasha Luss. Or, singers like Lady Gaga.

Ever since 2010, the Balenciaga Blonde has been taking the world by an ice storm! Remember the Manish Arora show on the blog the other day? The hair look created by Loreal was anchored on their vision for platinum blonde hair.

So, now I’d love to know~ Have YOU ever gone platinum? Do you love it? Tweet me a photo here!!

you can see more on the 2010 Balenciaga show and the Manish Arora shows by clicking the links.


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