Monday, June 3, 2013

A popular topic that I get questions about is recommendations on how to dress for fashion events.

Setting yourself apart in fashion in a tasteful and professional way is an art. I thought I’d share a look with you from the streets of Milan when I was there for fashion week.

Doesn’t she look great? The right amount of statement, with modern elegance for the office. A nice inspiration to think on if your going for an interview, or for a meeting in the fashion world.

How do you set yourself apart from the crowd???


3 Responses to Setting yourself apart in the crowd

  1. Hi Carly – thanks for your comment and congrats on being chosen by IFB too!
    Great blog – I LOVE your header – what a gorgeous shot!
    Following you on bloglovin too! Stay connected.

  2. Love the vintage touch of it!!!

  3. Lovely post! I try to set myself apart by wearing bold prints and colors, for a casual date.