Friday, November 1, 2013

Son Jung Wan spring 2014

the low v…..

Get ready ladies, midriffs won’t be all that’s showing for Spring 2014’s looks. One of the silhouettes we see continuing into summer is the demure, and plunging super low V neckline like this pretty one from the Son Jung Wan spring 2014 collection.

It would be fun to wear a look like this for evening, but you could totally pull off a lower V for day, for example with a crisp white shirt like this one.

Styles are often exaggerated for the runway to make a big impact, the reinterpreted for your everyday looks, so don’t worry if your wondering how you would ever wear a V this lowwwwww~ There are a lot of ways to wear the V neckline without baring more than you are comfortable with, and still getting the impact of the V silhouette.

I’ve always loved a nice V neck. I think I wear the V neck more than any other neckline like crew neck, boatneck, scoop etc……

In the winter, all I want to wear are cozy sweaters with big huge turtlenecks, the total opposite~~~~ but I also like to wear fine gauge wool v neck sweaters with scarfs to stay warm when it’s cold outside.

How to wear the super low V neckline

Ideas on ways to pull off the Son Jung Wan spring 2014 super low V:

1. Don’t bare too much skin elsewhere, let the V neck be the main statement.

2. Try tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt that’s a longer length.

3. Try wearing with layers, like a cute cardi over the v neck and some skinny leg pant with boots.

4. If you wear jewelry, keep it dainty. The V is a statement enough.

Not comfortable with the V in the front, why not wear it in the back? A beautiful back with your hair braided or back like thisthis or that is a great statement.

Other ways to wear the v neckline

The Son Jung Wan spring 2014 collection was making statements from the back too!

So if you don’t feel like wearing a v neck front, consider the back!

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