Thursday, January 23, 2014

After a 3 year hiatus, Adidas is having a retro sneaker release of their most successful shoe ever. The Stan Smith relaunch is here.

But who is Stan Smith?

For many, he’s an outline of a face on a shoe, a shoe so iconic that it’s almost become it’s own entity, beyond the man himself

adidas stan smith relaunch, adidas stan smith green face, who is stan smith, retro adidas sneaker, vintage adidas sneakerI wore Stan Smith’s in high school, they always seemed so cool. I’d dress them up with a dress or down with jeans. Anyone who has ever worn Stan’s remembers trying to keep them pristine white. The whiter, the cooler. My Dad wore Stan’s too, as an avid tennis player he would talk about Stan Smith’s impressive tennis history.

adidas stan smith shoes

Stan Smith’s were somewhere in the back of my memories, and I thought of them recently when I saw a pair of Lanvin‘s that were strikingly similar. I mean we all love Lanvin, but there is only one Stan Smith. Just another perfect example of how street fashion can inform runway fashion at times.

You recognize the shoes immediately with the 3 perforated stripes and the outline of Stan’s face. But what about the man behind the shoe? Smith jokes openly that he is more well known today for the shoe than his game.

Just in time for the Stan Smith relaunch, I turned to google to learn more about the history of the man. American born Smith was once the #1 tennis player in the world, winning 39 singles titles including the U.S. open and Wimbledon.

stan smith tennis player wearing adidas stan smith shoes

When it came to doubles, together with his American tennis partner Bob Lutz, Smith was the other half of one of the most legendary tennis duos of all times. The team took 4 U.S. open titles from 1968-1980. 4!!! Smith took 54 doubles titles. Hello, 54, wow!!!

When Adidas wanted to expand into the US market, they approached the unstoppable tennis star Stan Smith to endorse the sneakers originally designed for French tennis player Robert Haillet.

Over the years, the sneakers simply morphed into the Stan Smith’s, or Stan’s as they are often called amongst sneakerheads today. The shoe has remained virtually unchanged over the last 4 decades. Pretty amazing, right guys?

Here’s a cool shot of Stan for the Stan Smith relaunch this month

stan smith re-release of stan smith shoes, retro sneaker release, adidas stan smith sneakers, stan smith wearing stan smith trainers

Adidas also released this video for the Stan Smith relaunch

Fun fact for all you music lovers, John Lennon used to rock the Stan’s too.

beatles john lennon wearing black adidas stan smith sneakers

Of course, Jay Z loves them too.

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has graced the runways with his Stan’s.

Stan Smith has had 2 awesome careers, both as a tennis star and a cult classic shoe ambassador!

All Adidas images courtesy of Adidas. Stan Smith playing tennis courtesy of International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum.

John Lennon image courtesy of Pinterest. Do you wear Stan Smith’s? I’m thinking of getting a new pair! My feet would be thanking me during fashion week!

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