Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get ready for spring everyone. I know it seems like it’s so far away, and it kind of is, but this hat makes me feel like we are getting closer. Right? Tell me we are getting closer to spring! Why does winter seem longer every year?

I remember when I shot this hat from Steven Alan spring 2014. It was sweltering hot during the heat wave in NYC last September during New York Fashion Week. Seriously guys, hottest September EVER!!!

I planned to save this photo to share until it was closer to spring when we could actually buy spring hats. I also wanted to share it on a cold winter day to cheer us all up. When I see this hat, I think of beaches and sunny days. Don’t you?

Do you think it is practical to wear big floppy hats like this in NYC? Where would you put it when you got to the office. You could just install a special hat hook?? Or put it on a shelf? You don’t see too many people walking around with hats like this in the city, but I might become one of them. I always used to see Julianne Moore walking around the West Village in big floppy hats.

I’m terrible about remembering to wear sunscreen everyday, no matter what sunscreen I try for the face, it always makes me feel like it’s so heavy on my skin.

This hat reminds me of Cornelia from Florence. I met her one day on the street and at 77 and looking fabulous she shared her beauty secret. “Honey, we didn’t bother with these sorts of things” meaning sunscreen of course. “We just threw on a hat”.

Hurry up spring! Until then, I’m going to go have a coffee at Saturdays, and look at all the cool surfboards since that’s the closest I will be to any beach related activity anytime soon!

hat Steven Alan spring 2014

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