Wednesday, July 31, 2013

With so much hype about the Royal Baby, I decided to catch up and learn more about the little guy. What I found instead was a barrage of media surrounding the outfit that Kate Middleton chose to wear as she was leaving the hospital, and an intense media storm discussing her post baby belly. From the moment that Duchess Catherine made her first appearance last week on the steps of St. Mary’s hospital in London, the stir was started.

photographs of Kate Middleton after giving birth to the royal baby prince georgeSo I did a little research. It seems that Kate’s custom dotted periwinkle blue frock is from designer Jenny Packham. A simple empire dress with a tie at the natural waist.

There is so much pressure on Kate to look a certain way, constantly appearing in the public eye. Could Kate’s move to introduce her baby without hiding her belly help to end the unhealthy obsession with how a woman looks post baby?

It’s not possible to have perpetually flat bellies at every moment, and post baby is the one moment for a new mother where there must be freedom to break free from the criticism of body image or the standards and ideals that media and ourselves have created for what we should look like.

I think it’s over dramatizing to call this a feminist move, as some in the media have declared. Could it be a simple act where a woman wants to just focus on her baby?

That’s not to say that Kate Middleton’s body won’t be back to pre-baby perfection shortly after this post goes live, but  she looked rested and beautiful to me only 24 hours after having a baby?!

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Apparently, the U.K. edition of OK! Magazine released their July issue with weight loss tips for Middleton, beyond, right guys ??

It seems that popular opinion wins, the Jenny Packham website has been crashing for days as women have been searching to try and find a similar version of this dress.


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4 Responses to Let’s talk about The Royal Baby

  1. Kate looks fabulous 24 hours after giving birth. Only somebody who never gave birth can make any criticism. Also a new baby is such a happy moment, I don’t even wanna know if anybody brings any negativity to this.

    Appreciative Joy Curator

  2. Claire

    Jenny Packham dresses are always beautiful!! Love the color she choose. I think Kate looks absolutely Amazing, radiating elegance and beauty! Message to those critics, Show some respect!

    • Carly Tati

      Hi Claire,
      The color she chose was a nice nod to her baby being a by, while keeping the color feminine!