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Who doesn’t love a great jumpsuit? It’s only one thing to put on to make an outfit, and there are so many different ways you can wear them. They can elongate your figure, easily go from day to evening and with just the right fit and styling make a dramatic statement. Ok, ok, so you have to practically get undressed to go to the bathroom, but they are still fun!

My latest crush for fall is on the workwear inspired variety like this cute red Agnes B. Jumpsuit from fall 2013 Paris fashion week.

Originally worn by parachuters and skydivers in the early 1900’s, jumpsuits, onesies or  one-pieces as they are sometimes called have always been symbolic of being a daring or gutsy choice.

Katherine Hepburn silk jumpsuit in film stage door, jumpsuits, jumpsuit, onesie, one-piece, vintage photograph, jumpsuits for women

Katharine Hepburn 1930’s pinterest

One of the earliest debuts of the jumpsuit as a fashion item was the 1930’s when Katharine Hepburn wore a monogramed silk jumpsuit in the film Stage Door. Hey guys, don’t you think this look would be just as cool today?

We can do it poster, ww2 women in the factories, workwear jumpsuits, jumpsuits for women, rosie the riveter

Image Pinterest

Around the same time in the early 40’s, women were entering the workforce.

Working in factories on air planes, building ships, welding, all in a workwear jumpsuit. One of the earliest examples of “borrowing from the boys”.

It seems that this was the first big emergence of jumpsuits for women as everyday wear. The most well known factory worker was Rosie the Riveter in her denim one piece with the polka dotted headband.

The iconic “We Can Do It” poster  summarizes the look of the time.


1944 riveter, jumpsuit, jumpsuits, vintage photograph of rosie the riveter

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It’s fun to take a look at the origin of the trend. These are some of the real women who influenced today’s runways with their workwear look.

So much style, the turbans, the jumpsuits~~

Jumpsuits have seen their share of fashion moments across the decades, one of the most interesting being

The 60’s

The 60’s brought us the influence of space age workwear inspired designs from designers like André Courrèges and Paco Rabanne.

Paco Rabanne jumpsuit, Paco Rabanne vintage photograph jumpsuit, chainmail jumpsuit, space age jumpsuit, jumpsuits for women

Paco Rabanne 1968 chain mail jumpsuit pinterest

richard avedon, harpers bazaar, vintage photograph 60's fashion, space age fashion, vintage photograph jumpsuits, vintage photograph space age fashion, jumpsuits for women, jumpsuit

Jean Shrimpton by Richard Avedon image pinterest

Model Twiggy 1960's jumpsuit, jumpsuits, jumpsuits for women, vintage photographs

Twiggy image pinterest

andre Courrèges jumpsuit, jumpsuits, vintage photograph, jumpsuits for women, jumpsuit

Courrèges image pinterest

What’s your jumpsuit style? Do you think you will try the workwear trend?

Jumpsuits, Runway Jumpsuits, Jumpsuit

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models off duty, caroline brasch nielsen, jumpsuits, jumpsuit, street style

photo courtesy of stockholm street style

celebrities in jumpsuits, kate moss jumpsuit, sienna miller jumpsuit, isabel marant, charlize theron jumpsuit, jumpsuits for women, jumpsuits, jumpsuit

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